Genevieve Hassan

Listing Specialist

Genevieve Hassan joined our successful team after many years of success with one of the most innovative sales companies in the world, Xerox, Inc.  As one of the top Xerox salespeople in Western Canada, Genevieve has some of the most esteemed sales training methods in the business world.  Prior to Xerox, Genevieve spent many years as an admired Sales Manager for one of fashion businesses most successful companies, Tommy Hilfiger.

Fluent in both English and French, Genevieve is a dedicated mother to 3 boys and contributes an enormous amount of her time to school activities and fundraising projects.  She is well admired by peers and school parents for her can do attitude.  Genevieve brings her vast experience in marketing and customer service to implement our marketing campaigns when introducing new properties to the market.  As a licensed Agent for almost 10 years, Genevieve is a tremendous asset in dealing with all aspects of the real estate business.